How to quickly write a master’s thesis?

All scientific papers have their recommended deadline for preparation and writing. Due to the complexity / specificity of the research topic, it may be slightly extended, but there are ways to quickly write even the most complex dissertation in a week or a month.

Master’s qualification papers are documents summarizing the results of studies in magistracy. Two years are allotted for writing this dissertation, therefore the main tasks of the author are to demonstrate as much as possible their own theoretical knowledge on the chosen subject of research, as well as prepare solutions to the chosen scientific problem for further practical application.

How to speed up the process of writing a master’s degree several times?

To write a master’s thesis faster than in two years, it is recommended to adhere to the following practical recommendations.

Topic selection

Selecting the necessary topic is a crucial step, the speed of writing papers and depends on it. If you have any difficulties, you can use the list compiled at the training department. If the graduate student himself has worked out the topic of future research, it must be approved by the project curator. When writing a dissertation, it is forbidden to use areas that are not related to the chosen topic of qualification papers, and it takes a lot of time to no avail. As a result, the study will be disqualified.


Writing plan – an additional opportunity to save time on writing the text of future papers and. All items are negotiated and agreed with the supervisor.

Definition of research methods and recording results

The study of literary sources is the most expensive part of writing a dissertation in time. When choosing the necessary information, it is important to focus only on one that is of practical importance for the subject of study, and also has scientific, substantiated evidence in the selected field. The main theses should be outlined on a sheet of paper / text file on a computer with the obligatory indication of the page number, the name of the source and its author – this approach will reduce the time for systematization, analysis of theoretical information for the master’s thesis several times.

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How to write a dissertation quickly?

A clear idea of ​​the number of sheets of the main chapters, as well as proper time planning, will help reduce the time spent on writing the dissertation. All sections and chapters of the dissertation research are written in order, with logical interconnectedness. This approach not only speeds up the process of writing papers, but also avoids possible information confusion.

If the author is deeply versed in the topic, this is a guarantee that the dissertation will be written twice as fast. In the first chapter, a degree seeker describes the essence of the problem being studied, its novelty, and relevance in modern science. The second chapter – here the author analyzes the used literary sources and provides a theoretical justification for the scientific work. In the third chapter, the applicant substantiates the achievement of the goals with the help of the experiments. The fourth chapter is a summary of the results of the work done.

Outlines of each main chapter should be regularly checked for typos, compliance with the requirements, and also timely provided to the supervisor for verification in accordance with an individual plan.

How to write a candidate / doctoral paper quickly: is it real?

Attentive attention to details, theses, the main points of the candidate / doctoral dissertation is a guarantee of a quick writing of a document. Such scientific papers are difficult to write on their own in a few months due to the large amount of information data, but it is possible to significantly reduce the time for their compilation.

To write a scientific paper quickly, it is recommended to choose a research topic that is adjacent to the previous dissertation (the condition is relevant for doctoral and candidate papers). It is enough to expand the theoretical part a bit and add a few relevant sources that were not taken into account in previous documents. When preparing a draft (printed) version of the chapters, it is recommended to leave wide margins – this will simplify the visual finding of errors.